Disney's Caribbean Beach activities blog posts

Top activities for grown-ups at Caribbean Beach Resort

Our last post may have been about a kid's-eye view of Caribbean Beach Resort, but what about fun for Mom and Dad, or a group of adults without kids? Here's our list of top activities for adults at Caribbean Beach Resort!

Five Best Ways to Spend the Day at Caribbean Beach Resort

Build a resort day into your trip itinerary; you won't be disappointed! And Caribbean Beach Resort offers so many activities and amenities for you to take advantage of as a guest.

3 Unique Experiences at Caribbean Beach Resort

While there are lots of great activities at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, three of my favorites are incredibly unique and distinctly "Caribbean!"

Caribbean Beach Resort Lake: Barefoot Bay

Like all Disney resorts, the water features are some of the most impressive parts of Disney's Caribbean Beach. Barefoot Bay, the lake in the center of the resort is a lot of fun to look at. Just don't make any plans to swim in it.

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