Disney's Caribbean Beach pirate room blog posts

Pirate rooms vs. Nemo rooms: Which do you prefer?

With room renovations completed at Caribbean Beach, all rooms can now be categorized as "Nemo" or "Pirate." Which is your preferred type of room?

Kid's-eye view of Caribbean Beach Resort

Caribbean Beach Resort is – excuse the pun – a paradise for kids! What will they enjoy and remember the most from their stay?

Caribbean Beach Resort Pirate Room Pros and Cons

One of the hottest topics around Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort is the addition of the Pirate Rooms. These newly renovated rooms decorated to please any Captain Hook, Sparrow, or Smee wannabes have caused a lot of flurry, but also a lot of strife as guests-to-be consider whether or not they should book a pirate-themed room, or stick with the standard Finding Nemo-themed rooms.

We hope to shed a little light with our Pirate Room Pros and Cons List:

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