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Bike and Boat Rentals at the Marina on Barefoot Bay

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has a lot to offer families who would like to hang out and spend a relax day away from the parks. One guest favorite activities is to head down to the Barefoot Bay Boat Yard and Bike Works on the lovely shores of Barefoot Bay. Within site and walking distance from the pool bar, though you may want to take the boat out before you hit the bar.

Customs House and Centertown Explained

Unlike many of the beautiful Walt Disney World Resort you can choose from for your next Walt Disney World Vacation, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has a unique set up of buildings. The sprawling village complex has two main guest centers that you should know about, the Customs House and Centertown/Old Port Royal.

Caribbean Beach Resort 2012 Room Rates

When planning your Disney Vacation, consider the 2012 room rates for Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. From standard rooms to Pirate themed fun there's a little something for everyone at this fun retreat.

Caribbean Beach Resort Décor & Themeing

One of the most popular Disney World hotels, the Caribbean Beach Resort has a lively and vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of far-flung tropical locales. This inviting resort promises a fun-filled vacation of sand, sun and surf and has eclectic décor and themes that keep guests coming back.

The Hammocks of Caribbean Beach Resort

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring us the greatest joy, and one of my favorite tropical vacation activities is laying in a hammock swaying in a warm breeze. Disney’s Caribbean Beach offers several spots to kick back and relax on your Orlando Vacation.

Which Caribbean Village is Best for You?

Of all the Disney World Hotels the Caribbean Beach Resort may be one of the most sprawling resorts on property. The resort consists of 6 villages surrounding a 42 acre lake, so which village is the best for your vacation?

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Discounts

Orlando hotel deals are available for the best place to stay in Central Florida: Disney! When planning your Disney vacation, you will want to take advantage of deals on Disney World hotels, especially the terrific discounts that Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is currently offering.

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